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Shared Parameter Inspector for Revit

This tool can be used to check the Shared Parameters that are defined in a project, template a family files. Whilst in most cases, duplicate Shared Parameters are not an issue for Revit they can cause confusion and may break some applications that select parameters solely on their name. To learn more about the tool, watch the Overview Video below, and refer to Downloads for the installation programs.

Shared Parameter Inspector Dialog.png



Manage Shared Parameters in Project, Template and Family files.

Overview Video

Please refer to this short video to get a brief overview on the use of the tool:


The requirement for this tool arises where Revit models include ambiguous data that may have the same, or similar name, as other data. I first became aware of this issue when I developed a tool for extracting drawing sheet information from title sheets. The tool worked fine on the datasets the customer provided but later they came back to me to say it wasn't extracting the right data. The reason was they had received models from another office that included title sheets with parameters using the same name - Revit is smart enough to not overwrite conflicting data (through the use of guids), but it did mean there were multiple parameters with the same name and my tool reported on the first one it found - and that wasn't the 'right' one. Since then I've been far more aware of the issue and realised how important it was the if you are going to rely on the data in a model, then you need to be confident that you reading the right data.

This tool will enable BIM Managers to audit their models to ensure there are no duplicates with names, or inconsistent data types. The tool will list all Shared Parameters in a model as well as how many, and what types of Elements are referencing them. The tool will also list the Shared Parameters in Template and Family Files, so that you can try and identify where they originated from.


The installer will support all releases of Revit from 2018 through to 2024. The download will be in the form of a Zip file that should be extracted in order to run the installation program. Note: it may be necessary to 'unblock' the zip through it's File Properties.

Technical Details

Whilst the tool itself is of course a useful application, it also helps to demonstrate the following capabilities that can be repurposed for other tools, for example:

  • Adding custom buttons to the Revit ribbon.

  • Clear dialog interface, that is resizable, includes a splitter bar, tooltips, icon buttons and sortable columns based on the data type (e.g. text, numeric, dates & file sizes). 

  • Reading and listing all Shared Parameters in a project, as well as the ability to filter the lists based on keywords in parameter names.

  • Searching for files in folders and sub-folders.

  • Opening and reading template and family files.

  • Copying data to the clipboard.

  • Exporting data to Microsoft Excel.

  • Linking to a help screen.

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