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AEC BIM Tools is a site dedicated to custom applications for use with Autodesk applications with the general focus on AEC and BIM related workflows.

My name is Simon Jones and I started at Autodesk Ltd back in 1985 and worked there through to 2021 before setting up this independent site. Take a look at the site, and feel free to get in touch with me if you have any questions or requests for custom solutions for Autodesk products such as AutoCAD, Navisworks and Revit.

In the meantime, I'm in the process of writing some sample applications the first of which is an audit tool for checking Revit Shared Parameters that is now available to download, and that has been joined by the Random Insert tool written for both AutoCAD and Revit, as let's face it, we all need a little bit of randomness in our lives.

Life as a freelance developer has been busy and I've not developed as many free tools as I'd expected. Instead I've been gamefully employed developing custom applications for various customers - refer to the Projects page to get idea of the sort of projects that I've been involved with and how I may be able to help you.

If you want to receive updates and news as and when I have content to share, follow me on Twitter (@aecbimtools)

  • Revit Add-in

  • Auditing the Shared Parameters used in project, template and family files.

  • Delete rogue parameters

  • Copy definitions for pasting into Shared Parameter TXT files. 

  • Compare parameters using Excel.

  • AutoCAD and Revit Add-in

  • Randomly select a blocks or families to add to an AutoCAD drawing or Revit project.

  • Random size and random rotation.

  • Great for populating site plans with a selection of trees and shrubs with random variation.

  • Or any other random use you can think of.


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