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Although we can not be specific about projects that we have worked on, below is an overview of the sort of projects we have been involved with to provide an indication of the what we may be able to deliver to you:

  • The export of AutoCAD Dynamic Blocks to a cloud based electrical design application.

  • Adding unique 'fingerprints' to AutoCAD dynamic blocks and Revit families.

  • Free tool for managing Revit Parameters (available to download).

  • Free tool for performing random inserts for AutoCAD blocks and Revit families  (available to download).

  • Free tool for associating Revit Areas and Spaces to Areas (not yet upload to this site).

  • Revit based Clash Management tool.

  • Headless AutoCAD application based on AcCoreConsole for automated DWG creation.

  • AutoCAD application for flattening 3D drawings.

  • Revit application for automating the editing of wall family components.

  • Application for automating the definition of AutoCAD profiles to standardize customer installations.

  • AutoCAD application for automating the labelling of solar panel arrays.

  • Conversion of legacy AutoLISP applications into .Net c#

  • Updating of an old AutoCAD 2002 VBA application to run on AutoCAD 2020.

  • Application for extracting and generating BOMs from AutoCAD drawing text.

  • Application for automatically generating AutoCAD drawings using Dynamic blocks for publishing of customer order documents based on bespoke requirements and dimensions.

  • Application for exporting AutoCAD 3D blocks to XML for importing and mapping to Revit families.

  • Revit based application for exporting scaffolding systems to Excel for performing estimations.

  • AutoCAD tools for aligning and optimizing the location house footprints on property lots. 

  • Navisworks application for batch editing of Clash Report names and comments via Excel.

  • AutoCAD Rebar Tool for generating and editing of 3D rebar conforming to BS-8666 standards to create bending schedules as tables in the drawing or exported to Excel.

  • AutoCAD application for applying true colours to entities based on their elevation. This was to be applied to a terrain model to provide a heat map of dips and peaks.

  • Revit Project Setup application to automate the creation of initial project levels.

  • Headless AutoCAD application based on AcCoreConsole for batch analysing over 42,000 site drawings to determine and report on the largest available rectangular area that fits within the site between the existing buildings and equipment. The drawings are automatically checked out and checked back into Vault.

  • Standalone application for converting NC files to DXF, followed up with an AutoCAD application for applying gaps and bridges to 'fold lines' in metallic origami patterns (looking forward to the actual results of that one).

  • AutoCAD application for exporting and importing area data between drawing tables and Excel.

  • Revit application for ordering piles on a civil highways site model and to automate the creation of cross-sectional views aligned with the piles at regular intervals.

  • Revit tool for batch renaming Views placed on Sheets (available to download).

  • Revit application for applying Lifecycle Assessment (LCA) data to building elements in order to extract quantities to an Excel spreadsheet for evaluation - refer to and YouTube Video.

  • Revit application for extracting model data to a json file.

  • AutoCAD application for batch editing the Drawing No on the title blocks in hundreds of DWG files and then saving the drawing with the new name.

  • AutoCAD Civil 3D tool for adding multiple Cogo Points on vertices of entities such as lines and polylines.

  • AutoCAD application for automatically laying out solar panels on roofs - refer to for more information and some videos.

  • AutoCAD application for automatically adding "strings" between solar panels in large arrays - refer to and YouTube Video.

  • AutoCAD application for adding bearing & length labels to lines and polyline segments.

  • Developed trainings material and samples and delivered training of the Revit API and AutoCAD AutoLisp.

Here is some feedback received from Fiverr customers:

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